An Anal Revenge And Teen Ass Smashed By My Apartment

My name is Robert, I’m 25 years old, I’m single, I’m studying systems engineering and I work as much as I can to finance my studies. I live in a rented apartment of 2 rooms. Well located but a bit abandoned.

The owner of the apartment where I live is a widowed woman of about 45 years old, a bit hysterical and unbearable, who has an 18 year old daughter who looks older.

Doña Clara (the owner) lives in the same building and owns 5 other apartments that she rents. Fortune and her deceased husband allowed her to live off her rents and not work.

In the last few months I fell a little behind in my rent payments and Doña Clara threatened to evict me at the first opportunity if I don’t catch up.

Last Friday I arrived home at about 10 pm, tired and nervous after a day of study and work. In the mailbox was waiting for me a note from the widow giving me a week to vacate my belongings and return the apartment because, according to her, I had fallen behind in the rent again.

I didn’t understand what the damn old woman wanted from me, nor why she was evicting me if the week before I had caught up with my payments. Between insults and curses, Maria, the daughter of Doña Clara (the owner) arrived from the street. It was impossible not to notice that it was her: she was a goddess, dressed in a very short skirt and a t-shirt that barely covered her sweet and perky tits.

We went up together. I pressed the 10th floor and she pressed the 15th, and we didn’t even greet each other. When we reached the seventh floor the elevator stopped and it was dark, the power was out. It was evident that today was not my lucky day.

Maria was a little nervous and I had no patience or desire to calm her down, much less after ranting against her wretched mother.

About 10 minutes passed and nothing happened: no one came to our aid and the elevator showed no signs of reactivation. Suddenly, I realized that I was with the widow’s daughter’s pump, in the dark and with nothing to do but wait.

I don’t know how it happened, but an impulse originating from deep inside me led me to touch Maria. I squeezed her tits and touched her ass, which was small and firm like that of an athlete. Maria started babbling something like «don’t hurt me», «don’t be bad let me», which awakened in me the basest instincts.

I approached and kissed her. At first she refused, shaking her head and protesting, but slowly she responded to my tongue that was in her deep, playful mouth.

I slipped my hands under her shirt and reached her tits, which were already hard and hot. Without wasting time, I pulled down her panties and put a couple of fingers in her wet pussy. I begged her not to stick it in, that she was a virgin and please don’t do it. It was not difficult to verify that her virginity had been stolen many years ago. Her arousal was such that, as I brought the fingers I had stuck in her to my nose, she smelled a very strong odor of pussy.

Maria moaned and let out a few tears, but my fingers were still in her boiling, juicy pussy.

I pulled down my pants and had my dick hard and standing up. Persuading Maria to suck my cock would take a lot of time and effort, so I turned Maria around without taking my fingers out of her pussy and bent her over while bending her over. I leaned my cock against her ass and without a second thought I shoved it in with one thrust causing her to let out a hysterical scream that must have been heard throughout the building.

-Oh, son of a bitch (complained Maria).
-Your ass is beautiful, baby. Don’t ask me not to bury my dick in it.
-But I never got my asshole done, stupid. I was planning to give it to my boyfriend for his birthday (lamented Maria).
-I’m sorry baby, but first come, first served. That’s the rule in my neighborhood. Now open up your ass and feel my cock go all the way into your bowels (I predicted).

I couldn’t believe the sound my cock made as it moved in and out of his punished anal hole. «Plop, plop,» which indicated that her fuck hole was also tasting my cock. I pumped my cock into her ass quickly until I finished inside her, filling her with thick, hot cum. I waited a few minutes until I gave her a choice:

-Your ass is already mine, Maria. All my cum and sperm are in your anal hole. Now you decide: do you press hard your anal hole until you shit my cock or do I withdraw it in one stroke so that you scream like a whore?

-You’ve already left my ass open and swollen, so I only ask you to take your dick out quickly and once and for all, although it will surely hurt (Maria resignedly accepted while lying on all fours on the floor).

Said and done. After a few brief attempts at movement, I removed my entire cock from his balls to the head of his anal hole, which made a very loud sound similar to a bottle cork «PLOP». Indeed, my fucking had been harder than I had imagined: her asshole was completely open and swollen, while the first lines of bloody semen were slowly trickling out of her asshole.

-I know very well that you are a practicing Catholic and that you are engaged to a young man from a very wealthy family. I have taken pictures while he was busting his ass. If you say anything about us or accuse me to your mother, I will push a simple button and everyone will know you are a whore with a torn ass (I warned sharply).

-I won’t say anything, but don’t send those photos for anything in the world, please (Maria begged).

While Maria sobbed and put on her thong, I thought that after all it was a beautiful revenge to have broken the ass of Doña Clara’s daughter, the ruthless woman who evicted me for no reason.

Maria dressed silently and still panting with excitement and anger at the same time.

After a few minutes, the power came back on and the elevator resumed its operation.

I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about where I was going to live and thinking about Maria’s ass that I had deflowered last night in the elevator. However, at least I had taken Maria’s anal virginity as a trophy.

Early in the morning there was a knock on the door, I saw through the crack Doña Clara standing in front of my door.

Here comes another scandal, I thought to myself. Maria told her what happened and now the old lady will kill me.

When I opened the door, I saw her very smiling and calm, which intrigued me even more.

-Robert, I have a thousand apologies to make,» he said. I mistakenly put an eviction notice in your mailbox that wasn’t really meant for you. I can imagine how upset you must have been and how worried you must be.

-What can I do to make up for it? Doña Clara asked me.

-Don’t worry,» I answered, «you don’t owe me anything.

To my thoughts I was saying to myself: believe it or not, you old bitch, I’m already paying for the hard time you gave me. And your daughter will have to use anti-inflammatory cream on her ass for a long time.

I hope you enjoy my story.


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