I fucked a mature communist’s ass for money

The story I am about to tell here is not a source of pride for me. As a man dedicated to teaching and education, my duty is to watch over the most positive human values: respect, mercy and love. However, this episode that I will relate in the following lines was far from those values that I defend so much.

I am a university lecturer at a university of social and political sciences. As it could not be otherwise, this type of place is marked by political activity in all the forms that can be imagined: assemblies, debates, chairs, political movements, actions of struggle, strikes, etc.

To say that I know all the teachers and authorities would be a fallacy. But it is true that I know a good part of the people who circulate around the university, although there were not many occasions when I met someone from this environment outside the university.

As for my economic position, I can say that at almost 40 years of age I live very well. I am head of a very prestigious university chair and, taking advantage of my economic benefits, I have made investments that have given me good results. To tell the truth, I could stop working as a teacher and live on what my business generates, although I like to feel active.

Once I had to meet with a colleague from the university. Although we used to meet at the same bar as usual, on this occasion we both had to meet late at night. For this reason, the bar where we used to meet was not available. We decided to change the meeting place to a fast food restaurant with affordable prices.

I had never frequented that restaurant, although I had passed by its sidewalk many times. As far as I knew, it was a restaurant managed by high sectors of the Communist Party of the city. Although what I said does not sound logical, it is actually quite common for leftist parties to find in capitalism, and particularly in gastronomy, an economic niche to sustain their political activity.

Well, on the day and at the agreed time we met with my colleague at the restaurant mentioned above. The interior of the place was quite acceptable and pleasant, although there was no lack of references to communism, social movements and those causes or slogans usually defended by socialist parties.

However, my main surprise came a few minutes after we sat down with my partner at one of the tables. The person who came to take our order was none other than Dana, a colleague who works at the University and whose face, or more precisely his ass, was more than familiar to me.

For Dana, my presence went practically unnoticed. She had never noticed me and there were not many spaces or moments in which we had coincided at the university. For this reason, it was not discomfort that I felt at that moment, but rather anxiety.

Dana is a mature woman of short stature with a butt that stands out far in relation to her figure. While she is a bit chubby, it would be unfair to ignore that she has been the mother of 3 children and that, considering her sedentary job, her physique holds up quite well. There were more than a few of us University workers who had kept an eye on Diana’s ass. It was really quite a turn-on to see her wearing tight jeans that showed off the silhouette of her ass and the contours of her panties. However, no one had ever made a pass at her.

Dana was in a relationship with a boring and depressing old man who was in charge of the Communist Party Treasury. Apparently, he had decided to launder Party money in a gastronomic establishment and, taking advantage of the opportunity, he delegated Dana the job of managing it. For this reason, Dana was in charge of the entire restaurant to which we had gone together with my companion.

After placing my order and while Dana took my companion’s order, I watched Dana’s hips and tried to figure out what underwear she was wearing under her tight jeans. Without giving me room to react, Dana concluded taking the order and turned around heading for the counter. It was there that my cock suddenly stopped as I saw Dana’s ass in motion and in close-up.

Dana’s ass was a mature mother’s ass with a few extra pounds. The cellulite was quite present, but that was nothing next to the firmness of her buttocks. I certainly wasn’t planning to keep the sight as my only souvenir and would take the opportunity to take something else.

As Dana approached with the orders (two plates of meat), I prepared my alibi. As I rested the plates on the table, I placed my glass of water on the edge of the table with the sole intention of Dana’s elbow knocking it to the floor. Just as I imagined (and planned), Dana withdrew her arms from my companion’s plate and knocked the aforementioned glass, which ended up shattered on the floor and leaving a large puddle of water.

-Oh, how stupid I am, I can’t believe I’m so stupid (Dana pointed out when she saw what she had done).
-Don’t worry, Ma’am, anyone can have an accident (I told her to calm down).
-That’s true, but look at the mess I made. I’m going to get a rag to dry the floor and you, I’ll be right back (Dana said as she went to the kitchen to get a rag).

As Dana went back and forth, I tried to keep my partner from moving from her seat or trying to intervene in the matter so she wouldn’t mess up my plans. All that was left was for Dana to do exactly what I had planned with the simulated accident.

Dana came with a slight cum as her mature mommy tits bobbed up and down. After unfolding the towel and trying to dry the floor with her feet, I suggested to Dana that the puddle extended right under the table and there was no choice but to bend over to dry it.

-Look, Mrs. Dana, the water extends under the table (I pointed mischievously at Dana).
-Oh, yes, I think I’ll have to bend down, although my back and knees won’t forgive me (Dana lamented).

Dana got into a doggy style position, resting her knees and arms like a baby on the floor. The view I was enjoying at that moment had no explanation: Dana’s ass was looking at me in the foreground and I could clearly notice the outline of her panties, which looked like it was going to explode due to the pressure exerted by her ass.

My cock was about to pierce my pants at any moment from the excitement. However, my plan still consisted of one last part.
-I’m going to help you, Mrs. Dana, so you don’t exert yourself so much (I suggested to Dana).
-Thank you very much sir, you are very kind (answered Dana naively).

I proceeded to bend over not before running my entire left hand all over Dana’s ass, being able to verify not only her size, but also how sturdy her ass was. As I finished bending down to the same height as Dana, I arranged myself in such a way that I was able to stand with my face literally in front of her ass, almost sniffing it as if it were a dog’s tail:

-Oh, excuse me Dana, I almost fell down when I wanted to bend over (I said to Dana to apologize for my hand on her butt).
-It’s okay sir, that’s nothing next to this puddle of water that caused my accident (Dana continued lamenting).

As she continued to clean, I moved my nose closer and closer to Dana’s ass. While I couldn’t smell her pussy or ass, I could at least take away an indelible image for my memory.

The fact was remedied and, as I proceeded to meet my companion, I tried to figure out what Dana’s movements were and where the bathrooms were located. My main desire was to try to intercept her in a secluded area of the restaurant to fuck her. It’s just that my cock still hadn’t stopped being erect since Dana put her ass on my face and the only way for me to leave there satisfied would be to fuck Dana.

How to convince a Communist Party activist to fuck me? I was willing to offer everything to fuck Dana, even money and in good quantity.

At one point in the evening, Dana walked up the stairs of the restaurant and out of sight of the room for a few minutes. I thought that, perhaps, I was facing the last opportunity of the night to satisfy the desire of my cock, which was still in the same erect state as it had been for the past hour. I asked my companion for permission to go to the bathroom and, to my good fortune, those stairs Dana had climbed led to the restrooms.

As I climbed the stairs, the sound of the hall was fading away and a climate of silence dominated the place. It was logical, since the bathrooms were located in an isolated and soundproofed area, so that even a shout in one of the bathrooms would be imperceptible to the diners and the rest of the workers.

The men’s bathroom was located right next to the women’s bathroom, which had its door open. I peeked my head in and visualized Dana’s unmistakable ass in front of the bathroom sink. She was washing her hands and face. After a few seconds of hesitation, I took a breath and a little courage to enter the female restroom.

Dana looked up at the mirror and was very startled to see me behind her. After I calmed her down and told her that I had come to apologize for what had happened, she relaxed, although she was uneasy about a man being in the women’s restroom. I asked her if we could chat for a few minutes and she replied that it was no problem, since the bathrooms were not very busy at that time of the night with diners.

-Dana, my face probably doesn’t sound familiar to you, but I work at the same university where you do (I informed Dana).
-Really? Well, it’s just that the University is a world of people and we may have crossed paths thousands of times without realizing it (Dana relativized).

-Actually, I became aware of your presence a while ago, although I didn’t imagine I would find you here (I confessed to Dana while she was amazed).

-Hahaha, sorry for laughing, but why did you notice my presence at the University? Am I a monster? (Dana answered amidst some nervousness).
-No Dana, not at all, you are beautiful. What drives me crazy is your ass and your beauty, I can’t believe a woman like you is wasting her life in politics and in this dirty, low budget restaurant (I confessed to Dana).
-I don’t understand you and you’re making me nervous (Dana said as she was astonished).

Without giving any room for doubt, I pulled out my wallet and showed him what was inside.

-All this can be for you if you allow me to fuck you for only 15 minutes (I proposed).
-Is this a joke? It’s just that I’ve never been offered anything like what I’m hearing. Money for sex? That’s prostitution and I’m no whore.
-Of course you are not a whore, Dana. You are a woman of noble ideals who defends just causes, but mine is not an offense to you. I really want to reward you with money and ask you for just 15 minutes of sex. You drive me crazy and I can’t go another minute without fucking you.

I took all the bills out of my wallet and put them in Dana’s hand.

-Count the money, please. I have more in another pocket in case you want to charge me more for fucking you. With this money plus the money I have in my pocket, you can do whatever you want: buy a car, go on a trip and even invest in some business and leave this filthy restaurant. All this in exchange for only 15 minutes of sex with me. Do you accept?
-The truth is that I need the money very badly and the work at the University is not giving me much profit. How much would it be in total? There’s a lot here, but if you tell me you have more in your pocket, maybe we could come to an agreement.
-With this money you have in your hand and what I have in my pocket you will have more than you could save by working more than 2 years at the University without spending anything.

Dana was shaking the bills in her hand and everything seemed to indicate that her answer would be yes.

-Okay, I accept the deal. But you’ll do it with a condom and I won’t suck your dick because it makes me sick.
-Don’t worry, my dick is already erect since you overturned the glass of water and I admired your ass. Keep this money and, after I fuck you and ejaculate, I’ll give you the other part. I must have my guarantees for the pact to be carried out.
-Okay, but remember I can only give you 15 minutes, I’m working and they’ll know something’s up if I don’t get back quickly.

I pulled down my pants and briefs. My big cock was so hard that even Dana almost inflated at the sight of such a thing.

-My God, you’ve got a big one (Dana was surprised).
-Well Dana, your ass and your mature tits are driving me crazy, just like I told you (I replied).
-Perhaps this deal will be more pleasant than I imagined (Dana admitted to my surprise).

Next, she unbuckled the belt of her pants and pulled them down. A huge ass with her big buttocks covered by a pair of panties peeked out as she pulled down her pants. Just as I imagined, her ass was perfection.

-Do you like my ass? Is this what you want to fuck? Go ahead, it’s all yours for 15 minutes (slipped Dana, already in a state of arousal just like me).
-You’re going to enjoy my cock, Dana, I’m going to give you that thing your old man husband will never give you.

As I approached her with my cock, Dana put out a hand to keep my distance and warned:

-I told you that without a condom I couldn’t let you fuck me, I’m sorry, I don’t feel like having a third child or taking contraceptives (Dana remarked).
-Excuse me Dana, but I had put a box of condoms in my pocket and now I can’t find them (I confessed to Dana, although the reality is that I had never carried condoms with me).
-Then how are we going to do it? I need the money and there must be some way for you to fuck me.
-I will have to do it in your vagina without a condom or, if you wish, in your ass. In the latter case, there will be no risk of pregnancy and you will not have to take contraceptives.
-Anal sex? Are you crazy? I never gave my ass to my husband, much less to a stranger like you (Dana replied in anger).
-Okay Dana, then the deal is off and you won’t get the hundred thousand dollars I was going to give you. I’m sorry.
-No, please! Okay, fine, I’ll let you fuck my ass, but you’ll do it very slowly, gently and with love. If it hurts even a little bit, the deal is off (Dana proposed).
-Okay Dana, but I assure you it won’t hurt and you’ll enjoy it very much. Be prepared.

After jerking my cock a bit to give it more vigor and temperature, Dana spread her large buttocks and allowed me to visualize her anal orifice. While it had the appearance befitting her age and mature motherhood, I could tell it had never been fucked.

We entered one of the toilet rooms in the bathroom and locked the door. Protection was assured, although the size of the cabin was quite small.

-Sit on the toilet and open your ass, Dana. I want to suck it a little bit with my tongue and taste it (I indicated to Dana).
-Are you going to suck my ass? I warn you that I haven’t bathed since yesterday and it may have an unpleasant odor, but if you don’t have a problem, go ahead (Dana pointed out).
-If you smell like shit and pussy, so much the better, Dana (I admitted excitedly).

Dana took a seat on the toilet with her ass facing me and her face to the wall. She spread her buttocks and, after bending down to the level of her ass, I brought my nose close to her anal hole. Just as Dana had said, it didn’t take me long to notice that it was kind of dirty and stinky. I could tell she had pooped very recently and some of the vaginal discharge had combined with the perspiration from her groin.

-Your ass smells delicious Dana, I’m going to eat it with my tongue (I predicted to Dana).
-You’re crazy, but go ahead. Just don’t kiss me later, I’m warning you (Dana remarked).

After circling Dana’s anal orifice with circular motions, I began to push the tip of my tongue with increasing force and speed into her asshole. There was an unpleasant taste, although there was also a smell that entered through my nose and acted like a hallucinogen.

-Oh, God, you’re fucking my ass with your tongue, you filthy pig (Dana was getting excited).
-I love your ass, Dana, it’s delicious (I said to Dana while filling her anal hole with saliva).

It had been 5 of the 15 minutes we had time for our thing. I pulled my face out of her ass and put my hand back on my cock to give it one last massage. It really was hard and erect like I had never felt it in many years. In front of me was Dana spreading her buttocks with her hands and ready to receive my cock up her ass.

-It’s time to start collecting my prize, Dana. I’m going to fuck your ass and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Here I go (I said to Dana before taking my cock into her ass).
-Come on, you bastard, break my ass and get the shit out of me (asked Dana, already fully aroused and transformed into a communist whore).

As my cock approached Dana’s anal orifice, I stopped and she began to make tentative attempts at penetration with the head of my cock. Without putting too much pressure, I wanted to feel her asshole dilate as I inserted an additional millimeter of cock inside her.

While I had stuck my tongue in before, the size of my cock made the penetration process quite difficult. Dana’s fuck hole was ripe and old, but that didn’t mean it had lost firmness or tightness. However, with effort and patience (despite the rush I was feeling as we approached the 7 minute stipulated time), I managed to get the head of my cock all the way inside her anal hole.

-Oh, aghr! Slow down you bastard, your cock is big and I’ve never had one inside my ass (Dana requested).
-Sorry Dana, I’m going as slow as I can while I’m dilating your ass.

I counted 30 seconds and pushed a few more inches of my cock inside Dana’s ass. My cock felt hot and tight, as if something was putting considerable pressure on my cock, so much so that at times it felt like I was going to come in an instant.

As my timer ticked down to 8 minutes, a sense of rush came over me and urged me to speed up the process. I couldn’t waste any more time if I wanted to fuck his ass and finish him off inside his anal hole. I took a brief thrust and inserted my cock up to the base of my testicles inside Dana’s asshole. Now all of my cock was buried in Dana’s anus.

-You son of a bitch, how far are you going to stick your dick in me (Dana complained with some grimace of pain on her face)?
-Your ass is mine Dana, now get ready (I anticipated Dana).

I began to fuck her at high speed and with a lot of rhythm. Her ass and anus were moving parallel to the in and out movements I was making with my cock. I felt less and less pressure on my cock, which indicated to me that Dana’s anus was dilating more and more.

-Oh, that Dana, I’m busting your ass, don’t you like it? I’m fucking your ass for a few bucks, bitch (I told her while holding her by the hair).
-Oh, ouch, aghr! Your dick is too big, motherfucker, you’re gonna pull the shit out of my ass, you sick fuck!
-Are you shitting yourself, Dana? Are you going to dirty my vega with your shit? I’m going to pay you triple for that, motherfucker (I pointed at her as I noticed how my cock was coming out with some poop as I fucked her ass).

I looked with one of my eyes at the clock and it was 2 minutes to the 15 minutes we had agreed upon. Again, the rush led me to take the fucking up a notch. I grabbed my cell phone without Dana noticing and activated the video camera. I wanted to record what would happen in the last 2 minutes of my fucking Dana.

-Dana, I’m coming, I’m going to fill your ass with milk and I’m going to take the shit out of your ass so that your intestines are empty, got it?
-Do it, you bastard! Fuck my ass and blow me up, what are you waiting for?

With one hand on the cell phone and the other opening Dana’s ass, I began to fuck her with incredible speed and with a strong level of brutality. For a moment, I feared that the toilet would break or that Dana’s ass would be damaged by my violent fucking.

-Ohhhh, ohhhh, I can’t take it anymore Dana, here I come, Oh, oh, aghr! (I began to feel the semen spurting out of my cock).
-You son of a bitch! You fucked my ass, you bastard. From now on I’m a mature woman with her asshole open (Dana lamented, omitting that she had just been awarded a nice sum of dollars).

After 1 minute and a few last pumps of cum, I felt my cock very hot and wet inside Dana’s ass. It was 30 seconds to 15 and the timer alarm was about to go off. My phone had recorded the entire fuck (even Dana’s face) and I had yet to capture the instant my cock came out of Dana’s ass. The best part of all.

-Come on bitch, force your asshole like you’re taking a shit. Get my sticky, dirty cock out of your anus (I ordered Dana).
-Of course, you bastard. I’m getting late and I have to go. Get ready because I will expel your cock with all my strength and I don’t care if it comes out full of shit, is that clear? Here I come (Dana got ready as the clock approached 15 minutes).

An almost suffocating pressure I began to feel on my cock inside Dana’s anus. She was grimacing forcefully with her face and squeezing her ass literally as if she was trying to pull a log of shit out of her ass. I put up some resistance, but it was useless to fight against the strength of Dana’s ass. My cock was slowly starting to pull out of Dana’s asshole, which seemed like a hole with a life of its own that refused to let my cock out.

Indeed, what Dana had said earlier was true. Not only had she not bathed since the day before, but she hadn’t had time to free her ass from shit either. All the poop contained in her ass was accompanying my cock as it came out. The smell was stinky and mixed with the scent of my own cum.

-You fucked my cock, Dana. All your fucking shit is all over my cock, you dirty commie (I berated him, though without denying that it turned me on quite a bit).
-Fuck you, bastard. You wanted to bust my ass. You did, but you took all my shit with your dick in exchange for money.

After a brief respite and a short pause, Dana took one last pause and again applied force to her anus, this time with more momentum than before. Finally, my cock came out after a «plop» sound like the one you hear when removing a cork from a wine bottle.

I don’t know what turned me on more about that scene: Dana’s deflowered asshole, gaping open and swollen with poop stains or my still erect cock that was still twitching as shit and cum covered it from head to base.

Meanwhile, my cell phone had captured every last image of the fuck to take as a souvenir for eternity. Dana was trying as best she could to look at her ass as she fingered it to see how it looked.

-I can’t believe how you left my ass, you son of a bitch. I hope I don’t stay like this for too many days or I’ll go to college and break your face.
-It’s nothing Dana, just try putting some ice and some cream on it. You’ve never fucked in the ass before, so it’s normal for it to feel swollen. But it will be back to normal, don’t worry (actually, I wasn’t so sure it was going to happen).
-Where is the other part of my money? You’re not leaving without giving me every last dollar you owe me (Dana warned as she wiped her anus with toilet paper).

I handed him the rest of the money and, after quickly counting it, he began to get dressed again putting on his panties and pants as best he could. Evidently, her ass not only looked destroyed, but also felt swollen. Meanwhile, I moved my cock closer to a bidet and removed the traces of shit and semen on it with soap.

I thought not only about the money I had lost for 15 minutes of anal sex, but also that I had fulfilled my fantasy and that my phone carried in its memory the eternal memory of what I had experienced. After all, I had fucked the ass of a communist whore.

I hope you enjoy my story.


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