I fucked a mature secretary and she became my girlfriend

My name is David and, for confidentiality reasons, I cannot reveal much about myself. The story I am going to tell in the following lines happened in a school where I worked for many years as a teacher. In fact, one of the reasons why I left that job is in this story that I will begin to tell.

I have always been a free man, and I have never been committed to anything. Although my friends have been developing a decent married life, I never had the possibility (nor did I want it to happen) of getting married to the same woman. Just imagining that this would mean spending a lifetime with the same woman makes me fearful. How could I live without having sexual relations with other women?

I have never been interested in my friends’ wives. In that I am a man of codes and loyal. However, I must admit that I have a great weakness for mature women. But not just any kind of mature women, but especially women who are in their 45th year of life.

In my personal opinion, women live a second youth from the age of 40 onwards, which is why many divorces and separations take place at that time of life. That is when a single, young and unattached man, as is my case, can take advantage of the situation. Truth be told, I have had occasional sex with many mature women and every one of my experiences has been amazing.

My activity in school I will always remember for two reasons: the amount of break time I had between each of my classes and the administrative secretary. You are probably wondering why I mention the school secretary among my pleasurable activities. It is with her that I had the best sexual experience in my entire life and, paradoxically, the one that triggered my resignation from my job.

The administrative secretary’s name was Rebeca and she was in charge of the financial area of the school. She was responsible for the collection of student fees and tuition, the payment of workers’ salaries and the management of the school’s capital. As you can imagine, her activity was strictly office-based, with fixed schedules and an autonomous work space for herself.

Rebeca did not usually leave her office during working hours, except to go out to pick up her lunch at the store on the avenue. The only way one could be in contact with her during working hours was to go to her office for some kind of paperwork or complaint. When Rebeca started working at the school, I had been a teacher for several years. Since I saw her for the first time I always had the desire to fuck her someday.

My attraction for mature women is very particular. I admit that well-bodied and refined MILFs are irresistible to any man. In fact, I have fucked many of them, including female teachers at my own school or mothers of students. However, Rebeca was a different kind of mature.

For starters, she was not a mature woman attractive to any man. Without going any further and after having forced many dialogues with her, I was able to find out that she had been married to the same man for 20 years. Why married? Recently, she had entered a period of crisis with her husband and had made the decision to end the relationship.

However, 20 years of marriage says a lot about a mature woman: fidelity, loyalty and love for the man. However, it was not those things that interested me, but her fabulous body, which I will describe below as if it were a product for sale on Amazon:

  • Breasts: Rebeca is a mother of 3 children and her breasts were a strong testimony to that. Although they were sagging from the passage of time, they still retained some volume of breast milk and were held up in a very large bra that looked like it would burst at any moment. Rebeca’s tits invited to suck on her nipples for several hours without ceasing.
  • Ass: Rebecca’s ass was a true work of art. Have you ever seen an ancient Venus sculpture? Well, Rebecca’s ass was very much like one of those carved figures. Office work demanded a lot of time in front of the computer, and Rebeca’s ass had developed tremendously. To top it off, she had to wear suit pants, which have a very thin fabric that allows the underwear and even some cellulite textures of the buttocks to show through. In short: a big and irresistible ass to fuck.

With those characteristics, Rebeca had entered my fantasies from the first minute she started working as a school secretary. Being a single man with a successful experience in seducing mature women, I made it my goal to sleep with Rebeca or at least have sex in the school office.

To tell the truth, I didn’t have much reason to visit Rebeca in her office. However, I was determined to generate situations and drive the facts towards my goal: to fuck that irresistible mature woman for me.

He decided to invent a problem with my salary: the deposit that the school made when paying me into my account was not reflected in the numbers and that creates problems for me. This would be the alibi to fabricate meetings with Rebeca and pull the necessary strings to get me closer to my goal.

Although Rebeca knew about numbers and banks, she would never really discover that it was a lie, since I edited the screenshots of my bank account to be right. The important thing was to spend a few minutes with her and get closer and closer.

The first few times I was there for about 10 minutes and we talked about her life and mine. When I told her I was single and she admitted to me that she was divorced, from then on the conversations started to take a different path. We talked about personal life, musical tastes and, of course, I started interspersing those random comments with compliments to Rebeca:

– Rebeca, I can’t believe you are single and without any man accompanying you (I said to Rebeca to analyze her answer).
– After so many years with my ex-husband, it is difficult for me to find another man to live with (Rebeca answered disappointed).
– I can imagine, but you must find someone to accompany you and give you what you need. Besides, look at you: you are a beautiful and very attractive woman (I hinted to Rebeca to make her tense up).
– Do you really think I’m beautiful? Thank you very much, David. Not even my husband has ever had such flattering comments for me, although I confess that sometimes I look in the mirror and consider myself old, fat and ugly (Rebeca commented with a mixture of self-esteem and disappointment).

Well, in this type of conversation I was able to deposit the seed of my harvest. Each of the meetings in her office began with a small talk and ended, by my intention, in her as the center of attention.

It would have taken 2 weeks of meetings in her office before the first sprout of the seeds began to be visible. In one of the meetings, the conversation had been very deep and she had gone into an episode of crying and sadness:

– I really don’t know what I will do with my life. Beyond my work and my children, I also have the desire to have fun and love another man (Rebeca revealed as a personal longing).
– Then you have to leave the doors open for that new man to enter your life, whoever that person may be (I hinted to Rebeca).

When he finished that conversation, he approached me and, after thanking me for the emotional support I was giving him, he kissed me on the mouth. The sowing of several weeks was beginning to bear fruit. Far from staying with that kiss, I took her by her wide waists and pressed her against my body:

– You are a beautiful woman, Rebeca (I confessed to Rebeca without restraint).
– I can’t believe that a young man like you would be interested in a fat old ass like me, David. But I enjoy your company and, from now on, your kisses (Rebeca revealed to me).

We kissed incessantly and with tongue rubbing for a few minutes until an unexpected knock on the door stopped what could have been a sex scene in the office. It was the stupid director, at which I proceeded to immediately hide in the office closet to avoid discovery. Unfortunately, I had given Rebecca an impossible task to procrastinate on and there was no chance of us getting on with it.

After the damn director left, I came out of the closet and we had a few last kisses with Rebeca:

– I have to go, David. But it won’t stay like this, I promise (Rebeca warned me while my cock was doing its best to pierce my underwear and pants).
– Of course not, Rebeca, you are mine and I am going to give you the pleasure that your ex-husband could never have given you. See you tomorrow (I answered Rebeca).

We said goodbye and, from that moment on, we knew that tomorrow we would have a great time.

The next day I spent the whole day preparing for the inevitable: fucking Rebeca. Just imagining that this mature woman’s big, voluminous ass would be mine made my cock erect and hard. That day I had to teach 3 classes and they were not my best hours. Between the students’ questions and the mental image of Rebeca’s ass, I didn’t know which subject to concentrate on the most.

At the end of the last class, I made sure to leave all my homework complete and with nothing pending. I didn’t want the director, a teacher or anything else to interrupt something as important as what was waiting for me with Rebeca.

Arriving at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, at which time the activity in the school was slowing down significantly, I descended the stairs to the basement. There I found Rebeca’s office, integrated with another group of offices, although all of them independent of each other. The carpeted floor meant that the steps of the shoes could not be felt when in contact with the floor. In addition, only Rebeca remained in activity, since the other offices were locked and the blinds were closed.

I knocked on Rebeca’s door and she received me with a grimace of complicity, as if she was also excited by what would happen in a few moments. When Rebeca stood behind me and closed the door, I ran my eyes over her body silhouette. She had a shirt with the top buttons open, showing the cleavage of her tits, which were as if held back by the bra. Looking down, I noticed that Rebeca had chosen the tightest pants she had to wear on this occasion. The pants allowed me to see all of Rebeca’s ass clearly, including her cellulite and panties.

Like any mature mother of her age, Rebeca wore large panties that covered a large part of her ass cheeks. That, far from reducing my excitement, increased it and made me want to massage her ass with my hands.

However, before I could lift a finger, Rebecca locked the door and closed the blinds to prevent anyone from observing what was going on in the office. Next, she sat me down on one of the chairs, pulled down my pants and pulled my cock out from inside my underpants. I couldn’t believe the momentum with which this mature woman was going about her business, convinced of what she wanted and was looking for.

My cock was already erect after seeing Rebeca’s impressive ass covered by her old lady panties and tight pants. Then, Rebeca had nothing else to do but to bring her mouth close and start sucking my cock.

I felt how her tongue and her hot saliva were monopolizing all over my cock, mainly in the area of the glans, which was gradually turning red and wet. The enjoyment I was feeling at that moment was beyond description, although I didn’t want to end up in her mouth by any means, so I let her continue with my cock going in and out of her mouth until it was my turn to suck her ass.

I helped her to sit on the chair, albeit with her face facing the backrest. That way, I could have a full command and view of her ass. I touched and massaged her voluptuous ass with my hands, which felt firm and cushioned at the same time. Truly, Rebecca’s ass was as nice to look at as it was to touch.

I pulled down her pants and was able to have Rebeca’s panty clad ass at my complete predisposition. The panties she was wearing seemed to be at the limit of their elasticity. I brought my nose close to her ass and I could smell a delicious pussy and ass mixed aroma. After pinching and squeezing her ass in panties, I finally removed her underwear and her ass was finally in a naked condition.

– Your ass is spectacular Rebeca. I’m going to try some of it with my tongue and my mouth, do you allow me (I insinuated to Rebeca to excite her even more than she was already).
– Eat my asshole, you bastard. I want you to suck my whole pussy, my clit and my anal hole with your tongue and clean them all over me. Come on, what are you waiting for (Rebeca claimed completely aroused).

First of all, I took an aromatic sample of her pussy. A real treat and a stench that sent me flying through the clouds of the highest arousal. I began sucking, kissing and inserting my tongue into her pussy, which had a little hair, but not enough to be a nuisance to my sucking. Rebeca enjoyed and moaned moderately.
After a few minutes and with my mouth full of vaginal fluids and some of Rebeca’s urine, I moved on to her anal hole. It was evident that Rebecca had never had anal sex. While her poop hole showed the signs of age with some wrinkles and deformities typical of maturity, Rebeca’s asshole was tight and would not let herself be fucked so easily.

To give her a foretaste of what she would receive in minutes, I kissed and sucked Rebeca’s anal hole with a lot of rhythm and intensity. It was delicious the mixture of perspiration and fart smell that was felt in that area:

– Your ass is delicious and tight, motherfucker. Has your dumb ex-husband never taken a sample of your ass? What a faggot your ex-husband, Rebecca, well then I’ll make you feel the pleasure of anal sex.
– Fuck my asshole with your tongue, you fucker, I want you to clean my whole anal hole and leave it free of shit, come on (Rebeca demanded, completely out of her mind).

After a few minutes where my tongue ran its taste buds over the inside of Rebecca’s ass and her poop trails, I cleaned my mouth with a napkin and some alcohol. It was time for the real action to begin.

I sat on the office chair. This time I chose the one Rebeca used for work, since it was the most appropriate to support a ride that I imagined would be lethal and intense. After settling into the chair with my erect cock bathed in Rebecca’s saliva, I extended my hands to her to receive her on my cock.

– Come, Rebeca, sit on my cock and get ready to ride it like the whore you are (I proposed to Rebeca).
– Of course I do, my love, help me put my cock inside my pussy (requested Rebeca while sitting her huge ass on my skirt).

Rebecca’s ass rested on my skirt and the chair made a noticeable straining sound. It’s just that the weight of Rebecca and her ass, considering that she was somewhat plump and voluptuous, put a real strain on the chair. For a moment I hesitated about whether it was convenient to have a ride on that seat, but the excitement dominated us so much that we were not allowed to think of anything else but fucking.

Rebeca settled on top of me and took my cock in her right hand. She didn’t need me to help her get my cock inside her pussy, as she managed to do it quickly. Instantly, I could feel my hard cock sheltered in Rebeca’s pussy, who began to ride slowly and gently on my cock while I sucked on her tits.

– Your mature mother’s tits are delicious, Rebeca. Can I have some breast milk to feed me?
– Your mature mommy will give you milk, baby. Open your mouth.

While Rebeca was increasing the rhythm of the ride and my cock was going in and out of her pussy, she brought one of her nipples close to my mouth and, after touching it and making it firm, she squeezed it tightly as if she was milking her tits. A few drops of white milk peeked out of the nipple hole and, after a few moments, entered my mouth. I was drinking Rebecca’s breast milk and it was delicious.

I placed both my hands on Rebecca’s buttocks and began to spank her as she kept increasing the intensity of the ride. The chair continued to make its straining squeaks each time she came down with her pelvis and ass on my cock:

– Come on, bitch, ride my cock and get every last drop of cum out of my balls.
– Oh, oh, oops, that, feel how I’m riding your cock, you bastard, feel it.

Immediately, Rebeca upped her riding speed several gears and my cock was rising and falling rapidly with the intensity. When I had the first inkling that I was going to finish, I remembered that I was not wearing a condom, so I quickly (but with the necessary subtlety) stopped Rebecca and, as best I could, got up from the seat.

– Get on 4, bitch, it’s time for you to give me your ass and I will not accept refusals (I ordered almost with a military tone).
– Are you going to bust my ass, my love? My ex-husband never fucked my anus because he considered it disgusting and revolting.
– Your ex-husband is stupid and doesn’t know what he has missed. I’ve already cleaned your ass with my tongue and now I want to get the shit out of you with my cock, you’ll enjoy it Rebeca, get ready.

Rebecca quickly positioned herself in a semi-doggy position (although, in reality, the depth of the chair did not make positioning so easy). I asked her to spread her buttocks open with her hands so that I could have full access and a full view of her anal hole. As she did so, I began to insert one finger, two fingers and then 3 to dilate her asshole. It really was amazing to feel the pressure of her anal hole on my fingers, which came out completely white and with some poop stains from her asshole.

I tried to speed up the dilation so that Rebeca would not feel pain when I put my cock in her. Although her ass was not as dilated as I would have liked, my cock was screaming to get in there and would not accept any further delay. After rubbing my cock a few times like someone preparing his gun to shoot, I brought the head of my cock close to Rebecca’s ass. Without entering it yet, I made a sort of tactile perception with the tip of my cock to have a first sensation. Then, I began to make false entries of my cock inside the ass, while Rebeca let out some moans of pleasure and pain.

After a few seconds of prologue, I pressed my cock on the door of the anal hole and, with some difficulty, I managed to penetrate Rebeca’s asshole. Only half of the glans was devoured by Rebeca’s anal orifice and I could feel a strong pressure on my cock:

– Ouch, ahgr, you’re opening my ass, motherfucker. My ass is all for you, fuck my ass, come on.
– Do you like it, bitch? Your ass is getting attached to my cock and has already eaten half of my glans. Get ready for the rest, bitch.

I applied a little more force with my cock and the entire head of my glans managed to bury itself in Rebecca’s asshole. A faint, fleeting farting sound was felt as the head of my cock made its way inside Rebecca’s anus. I admit that I also felt the fart on my cock as a faint, quick rush of air caressing my cock, making it even harder.

I massaged Rebeca’s ass to give her some relief and to make her feel some affection amidst all the pain. The image of her big ass being anally penetrated by my cock I will never erase from my mind.

Rebecca’s ass was already feeling more dilated and my cock was free to enter completely. After a breath, I pushed hard into Rebeca’s anal hole and my cock was completely inside her asshole:

– Ohhh, aghr, you put your whole cock inside my ass, you bastard. Now do what you promised me and get the shit out of my ass.
– I will fuck your ass so violently that you will never forget who it belongs to, Rebeca, here I come.

I began to penetrate her violently without caring that it was her first time or how tight her asshole felt at times. A warm and wet sensation I could perceive in my cock, which went in and out of Rebeca’s anal hole without pause. I was aroused not only by the sensation of my cock in her ass, but also by the farting sounds that Rebecca’s anus emitted when my cock entered her asshole.

– I love your farts, Rebeca, they smell delicious and I feel how they envelop my cock with their air.
– Do you like it, my love? They are all for you and that’s not all. The best is yet to come.

Hearing that last sentence from Rebeca was the final push I needed to finish busting her ass. My cock felt as hard as a rock and every thrust was a moan of pain and pleasure from Rebeca. I wanted to start enjoying my masterpiece and decided to start withdrawing my cock all the way to the head to appreciate how I was leaving Rebecca’s anal hole. To do this, I slowed the pace of penetration significantly and slowly and lovingly withdrew my hard cock from inside Rebeca’s anus. How delicious it felt the moment when the head of my cock, with difficulty, was able to withdraw from the pressure exerted by Rebeca’s poop hole:

– I’m leaving your ass open and swollen, bitch, that’s how you fuck an ass. From now on, your ass belongs to me Rebeca and I’ll do it to you every day without stopping.
– Oh, ouch, I feel my asshole open and sore. It’s delicious, now stop talking and finish destroying my anus, motherfucker.

Without a word, I quickly inserted my cock inside her dilated and swollen anal hole. Rebeca screamed more than ever and that gave me a lot of satisfaction. I began to penetrate her quickly and violently as I had never done with any woman in my life. I felt as if a fierce, animalistic spirit had taken over my being and I could not control it in any way.

My cock was in and out, now with some traces of poop and blood. Finally, I was accomplishing what I had set out to do: getting the shit out of this mature woman’s ass that had turned me on so much. The head of my cock and part of the shaft also had a brown color that enveloped completely and translated into an exciting poop smell.

After a few minutes, my cock began to show signs that the end was coming. A few more thrusts and my warm cum began to be pumped powerfully from my cock. I was filling Rebecca’s bowels and her entire anal hole with cum:

– Ohhhhhh, god, I’m filling your ass with cum, Rebeca, feel my cum running down your ass to your bowels.
– Ohh, aghr, my ass feels so warm and wet.

Placing both my hands on Rebecca’s buttocks, I prepared for withdrawal. My cock was still hard and reluctant to leave the comfort of Rebecca’s ass. However, it was time to put an end to the situation and I was nevertheless dying of desire and excitement to see the final result of my fucking. It had been 10 minutes since my cock had last left Rebecca’s anal hole, so anything could come out of there:

– Time for my hard cock to leave your ass, Rebeca. Are you going to give me your shit and my semen?
– Come on my love, leave my ass open and get ready to receive your surprise.

Suspensefully and gently, I began to withdraw my cock from Rebecca’s anal hole. A combination of wetness and warm temperature could be felt on my cock, although at the head of my cock I sensed something strange. To tell the truth, a mixture of fear and anticipation ran through my blood to see what surprise Rebecca’s ass would give me.

As the head of my cock poked out from inside Rebecca’s anus, a stream of cum and liquid poop spurted out of her asshole and onto the carpet floor. My cock looked completely bathed in cum, blood and lots of poop. But Rebeca had something else in store for me: as she felt that my cock was ready to come out completely, she pressed her asshole as if she was taking a shit and my cock came out violently with a loud farting sound and several pieces of poop.

– What a surprise, bitch! You shit my dick and covered it with your shit.
– I hope you like my gift, David. Thanks for busting my ass and making me feel like a real woman.

Rebecca’s anus looked more swollen than before and deformed. The red color had displaced the pink tones and denoted an anal orifice that would take a long time to recover:

– Rebecca, I’ll put some cream on it to soothe your sore bottom. I think I may have overdone it when I fucked you, I’m sorry.
– Thank you my love, don’t worry. I enjoy feeling my asshole like this: open and burning.

I applied some of a cream that I carry with me to relieve skin pains. Some of its ingredients were sure to reduce the swelling and discomfort in Rebecca’s anal hole.

– I have given you back your dignity as a woman, Rebeca. You are a mature woman who deserves pleasure and enjoyment, and I am here to give you my love whenever you want it.
– I think that even though you destroyed my ass, you have taken my heart. Come to my house tonight, David, I’ll be waiting for you with an exquisite dinner, a fine wine and some more of my ass for you to eat for dessert.

And that’s how Rebeca, the mature administrative secretary at my school, ended up being my partner regardless of the age difference. We decided to quit the school job so as not to generate suspicion or expose each other. Currently, Rebeca and I share an apartment and we each have our own jobs.

Every night we reenact the office scene and I am always forced to apply my anti-inflammatory cream to Rebeca’s anus: she has become addicted to anal sex.

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