I had anal sex with my friend’s mother

This story that I will tell in the following lines is a real source of pride for me. Not only was I able to fulfill one of my main sexual fantasies, but I was also able to confirm that mature women are like wine: as time goes by, they become more attractive and delicious.

During my school years I did not make many friends. For that reason, I don’t usually remember the names or faces of each of my childhood classmates, much less associate each name with each face. However, my memory does remember as if it were something recent each of the mothers and teachers for whom I still continue to stay awake at night.

I remember my first masturbation was a unique moment. I was 10 years old and I was leaving elementary school at noon. While my mother was chatting with the mothers of my classmates, one of them dropped her purse on the floor. As she bent down, she inadvertently placed her spectacular ass in front of my face. Bewildered by what my eyes were seeing, there was the first time my cock hardened like a baseball bat.

While I was doing my university studies, I was lucky enough to meet an old schoolmate of mine. His name was Augusto and he was not one of my main friends during school, but the circumstances that brought us together again merited the attempt to strengthen the ties between him and me.

The first thing I did after greeting him and exchanging references about studies and life in general was to refer to my memory: what was the name of Augusto’s mother? My mind automatically recalled that his mother’s name was Mariana, although I had not identified her as an attractive or sexually interesting mature woman. For that reason, that memory retrieval work did not yield the expected results.

It would not be long before an academic job forced me to coincide with Augusto in an academic team. I agreed to do the job with him not because of his study skills, but rather because of the proximity of his house to mine, which would save me a good sum of money on public transportation.

-Don’t you want to come to my house, Augusto suggested.
-I have no problem, as long as your mother is there,» I answered.
-My mother? Yes, she’s usually at home, but why do you say that,» asked Augusto, confused.
-No, nothing in particular. Just so you can see that we are going to study and we won’t do anything strange,» I answered to avoid the interrogation.

Actually, all I wanted was to see how the years had passed for Mariana, Augusto’s mother. While I didn’t have high hopes for it, maybe my cock could find something to have fun with for years to come.

On the agreed day and time I arrived at Augusto’s house. The sound of a faucet and some dishes was the signal I needed to understand that Augusto’s mother, Mariana, was at home. In fact, it didn’t take long for her to show that she was there:

-Good afternoon,» shouted a mature woman from a short distance away.
-Hello mother! Here is Daniel,» answered Augusto to his mother.

I had not yet responded to Mariana’s greeting when I burst into the kitchen. There stood Augusto’s mother with a body and physique that had nothing to do with the high school Mariana I had seen a few years ago.

Her body exhibited the marks and traces of maturity with a slight width at the top that was accentuated when reaching the hips. Mariana’s ass was a true cult of perfection, at least for me: big, round and with the ideal balance between cellulite and firmness. She had a t-shirt over her top and a pair of jeans that looked like they were about to tear from the pressure of that ass.

After seeing the body of the new Mariana, I couldn’t help my cock getting hard and big. As best I could I tried to shake off the excitement and go over to greet Mariana:

-Good afternoon Mrs. Mariana, a pleasure to see you again,» I said after giving her a kiss on the cheek.
-How are you Daniel? Don’t call me Ma’am, you make me feel like an old lady,» Mariana answered slyly.
-You’re right! I won’t tell you Ma’am, much less after seeing how rejuvenated you are,» I took the opportunity to answer.
-Do I really look younger? I’m going to the gym because my husband pointed out that I had a few extra pounds, so I don’t know whether to believe him or you – blushed Mariana.
-I’m not going to contradict your husband, but you look very well and that’s what’s important,» I answered to get out of the situation before Augusto returned to the kitchen.

Mariana continued washing the dishes while Augusto invited me to come to the living room table. Of course, I couldn’t take my eyes off Mariana’s ass at any time that afternoon. I managed to make out after a few minutes the seams of her underwear and deciphered that she was wearing a tiny thong that barely covered a minimal part of her buttocks.

I admit that my thoughts, since then, had only one goal in mind: to fuck Mariana by any means possible, except by illicit means. But how to achieve it? A married woman, with a secure family and no worries. However, that day I came up with a very interesting alibi to plan a seduction strategy: Mariana feels insecure about her body and her husband does not find her physically attractive.

About 3 or 4 visits to Augusto’s house took place. Each one of them was an excuse to meet Mariana, either to talk, to get closer to her or at least to get a picture of her beautiful ass. In some visits, she was wearing jeans, but in others she was wearing sports tights, which allowed me to see even the color of her panties through the transparencies.

I remember several occasions in which I took high risks with the sole purpose of seducing Mariana or at least getting her to do what I wanted. On one occasion, Mariana was dressed to go to the gym to train. Her ass seemed to have a life of its own, since the wedgie and thong were lost deep inside her buttocks.

In order to take some pictures of her with the secret camera of my cell phone, I started asking Mariana for favors, drinks, cookies and everything that could merit a close-up of her ass. On one occasion, I got to take about 100 pictures in which her ass appeared in every possible angle and profile. My dick was empty of semen and red from all the masturbation I did with those pictures that I still keep in my phone.

However, the most fetishistic event I remember was the «failed» attempt to steal Mariana’s dirty panties from the washing machine. I was typing on my computer when I saw Mariana coming out of the bathroom and heading towards the washing machine with a set of clothes. After leaving her there, she went to her room and I sensed that this was my chance to take some more loot (besides the pictures).

Sorting through the dirty clothes I had left by the washing machine door, I found a pair of panties. Smelling it, I almost died of a heart attack. A mixture of vaginal secretions, urine and poop entered my nose and invaded my brain causing me to enter a true trance-like state. However, my ecstasy was abruptly interrupted by the barefoot footsteps of a person in the laundry room.

At that moment, my heart was beating a million beats per second. Who was the person behind me? If it is Augusto, what excuse can I give him? Should I keep the panties in the washing machine or fold them in a minimum size and put them inside my pants?

To my surprise, who was behind me was none other than Mariana herself. Surprise and confusion pervaded the air she and I were breathing.

-Mariana! It was you. You scared the hell out of me. I came to the laundry room because I heard a strange sound and I thought it could be the washing machine with some fault or problem – I tried to make an excuse while I held Mariana’s dirty panties in my hands.

-I don’t know what you are doing and I can’t explain it to myself, but I won’t say anything to anyone,» Mariana answered to my surprise.

-I don’t know what Mariana is imagining, but I assure you that none of that is what is happening here,» I answered while I felt my heart was about to leave my body and the fart smell of Mariana’s panties continued to emanate from my hands.

-Do you think I haven’t noticed? The fact that I’m an old married woman doesn’t make me a fool or any less cunning,» Mariana said in a sort of counterattack to my defense argument.

-Mariana, I never believe nor will I ever believe that you are a fool. What I am telling you is the truth,» I answered while Mariana looked down at her panties that were in my hands.

-You are not my son Augusto’s friend, nor am I interested in knowing what you are doing here. But I have already figured out what you want and I confess that I am willing to give it to you, because I also have the right to enjoy my life the way I want,» Mariana confessed at a moment when time and space seemed to slow down.

That face-to-face conversation was the equivalent of taking off our masks and breaking that which separated us. Mariana was a mature mother who felt slighted by her husband and unsatisfied, and she had had to wait many years until a quirk of fate put before her a young man, interested in her figure and willing to satisfy her.

-I ask you to wait for my message. My husband works in his office until the afternoon and my son (Augusto) usually goes out with his girlfriend for dinner until midnight. When you get my message, you come home and you can do whatever you want to me. My only condition is that you fuck me the same way you have praised me since you showed up at my house.

Not many days passed since the panties situation and the discovery of Mariana. I prepared myself in all orders of my existence (physically, mentally and emotionally) to take advantage of my first encounter with a mature woman. It was the opportunity not only to fuck a mature woman like Mariana, but also to show her that sex is a pleasure that cannot be limited to marriage.

After receiving the message and arriving at the house, I found Mariana alone and dressed as she used to be on previous visits: the tights she wore on that photo visit, a sleeveless T-shirt and her hair down. To my surprise, the first thing she did when she saw me was to start kissing me and put her tongue inside my mouth.

Without opposing her lips, I took the opportunity to pull her closer to my body with my hands placed around her hips, almost touching her large, padded buttocks. It was incredible to feel the texture and sturdiness of her ass, which was as pleasing to the touch as it was to the eye.

-You really like my ass, don’t you? Don’t think I’m stupid and I didn’t notice how you looked at my ass every time you came to my house,» Mariana acknowledged during the brief pause she made between her kisses.

After hearing that confession, I ran my hands further down her buttocks and lifted her upward, leaving her suspended in the air and hanging from me. There was a chair in the living room that had the perfect elevation for what I was planning to do. I moved forward with Mariana hanging from me and kissing me on my lips wildly and, as I reached the chair, I rested her on it.

-I’m going to eat your anus and your vagina, get ready Mariana,» I warned her as I helped her take off her panties.

-I haven’t bathed since yesterday, so you’re going to enjoy those smells you found in my panties, but live and direct,» admitted Mariana, visibly excited.

She wasn’t lying in the slightest. As I pulled the string of her panties down and stretched her legs over my shoulders, a mixture of vaginal juices, urine and poop assaulted my face. It was a stronger smell than the panties, perhaps accentuated by the fact that that anal hole and vagina had not been sanitized for over 24 hours.

Without hesitation, I began to kiss and run my tongue along the inside of her vagina and her clitoris. Mariana is one of those mature women who enjoys in silence, although she emitted some slight moans. To my amazement, what generated the most pleasure for her was not my tongue running over her vaginal lips and clitoris, but rather the kisses I gave her dirty, farting anal orifice.

My cock was already erect enough to start fulfilling my lifelong fantasy of «fucking a mature mother». Since her vagina was already lubricated and slightly open, it didn’t take much work to get my cock in there. Even though it was a little «loose», it had been a while since I had felt something so delicious and pleasurable.

As I was going in and out of her vagina, Mariana was enjoying the pleasure with her eyes closed. At one point, I noticed that on her torso she still had her sleeveless t-shirt on. After asking her to take it off, I took the opportunity to suck like a pacifier on the nipples of her sagging tits. While they were not large or disproportionate like those of some nursing mothers, they had a certain firmness and some milk leaking from her nipples.

When I sensed that I was about to come in her vagina, I withdrew my cock immediately and pressed my testicles to stop the attempt. All my efforts and longings were concentrated on a single mission: to fuck Mariana’s ass.

To inquire about her intentions without being explicit or facing a resounding NO, I inserted the index finger of my hand into her anal orifice. Mariana had a small start as she was sitting on the chair facing away from the back.

-No Daniel, please. Not even my husband dared to go in there,» warned Mariana, referring to her anal hole.

-Mariana, you have the most beautiful and delicious ass I have ever seen. I assure you that, once I fuck your ass for the first time, you won’t stop inviting me to your house to ask for my cock inside your shit hole- I answered her to try to persuade her and, at the same time, take away her fear.

-Well Dani, that’s fine. But do it slowly and just stick the head of your cock in me. If I feel too much pain, we’ll give up and I’ll let you suck my ass as an alternative,» proposed Mariana.

-I agreed.

Her anal hole was the opposite of her vagina. When I inserted my first finger, it already felt very tight, although I was able to dilate it as I inserted the second, third and, with much effort and pain from Mariana, the fourth finger.

-I can’t believe it. I never imagined that I would have your ass dilated and ready to fuck in front of me, Mariana – I confessed even though I tried not to make it explicit.

-It’s your chance Dani. Don’t make me wait and stick your cock in my ass. But slowly, don’t forget.

I began to circle the anal orifice with the head of my cock. The hole looked slightly darker than the white skin that characterized Mariana’s body. There were some creases typical of age and of the effort that perhaps it meant for her to poop, although it was a fact that she had never been fucked there. What an elixir her dumb husband had missed out on.

Slowly, though it seemed like an eternity, I began to push the pink head of my cock in. I had to pull back and pull it out to regain momentum. This in and out action was repeated, albeit at less short intervals, as Mariana’s anal hole was accepting my cock. After a minute or a minute and a half, half the head of my cock was practically devoured by Mariana’s anal ring. An inexplicably pleasurable pressure I could feel on the head of my cock. Incredibly, Mariana’s ass was willingly receiving her first cock in 48 years of life.

As Mariana closed her eyes and grimaced as if she was trying to release a log of poop from her ass, I took some momentum and shoved as much as half of my cock into her ass. Perhaps I was a bit hasty and aggressive in that, since Mariana let out a moan that sounded like pain at the same time that her asshole emitted in response a fart that made my cock vibrate and came with its aroma to my nostrils. A delight impossible to describe.

Finally, Mariana had inside her ass the first cock of her life. After I finished burying my entire cock inside her anus, Mariana’s expression gave way to pleasure and tranquility. The hardest part was over and it was time to show her that anal sex was as delicious as I had promised her earlier.

I slowly began to slowly move my cock in and out of her anal hole. At first, without taking my cock out completely or reaching the deepest part of her bowels, but then I dared to start withdrawing more and more of my cock at each exit, just to see how Mariana’s anal hole was getting and what surprise I could get. Of course, all my suspicions were coming true. First of all, Mariana’s ass was getting more and more swollen, perhaps due to the fact that the lubricant was disappearing during the friction. At the same time, the diameter of her anal hole that I was leaving when I pulled out my cock was becoming more and more pronounced, something that at times made me worry about the fact that it was not contracting as easily as at the beginning.

However, the most special moment while fucking Mariana’s ass was when we decided to change positions. My last craving before I came for the fifth and final time in her ass was for her to ride my cock until my cum was shooting out of her ass. As I got into position, I asked Mariana to be the one to place my cock inside her anal hole. Since her ass was already open and dilated, it didn’t take much work for her to find the hole and put my cock inside it, although it is true that she felt some discomfort. It was normal, since we had been having anal sex for about 1 hour.

For 10 minutes, I felt my cock being left at the mercy of her rough sitting. My testicles rose and fell as Mariana’s buttocks rose and fell back onto my pelvis. As her tits were in front of my face, I alternated sucking on her nipples with kisses on her mouth. In a last violent and extreme raid, Mariana made me come and deposited every last drop of semen left in my testicles. There we understood that the night was not only over, but that it had been absolutely real.

We enjoyed the post orgasm moment cuddling with her on top of me. I could still feel my cock and testicles throbbing as they pumped out the last drops of cum. Mariana had truly left my cock dead and dry. As I visualized the time and realized that there were only 15 minutes left until her husband returned home, she got off me and my cock was left out in the open: flaccid, almost dead and bathed in cum and shit.

I will never forget that night. Not only for the pleasure of having fucked a real and genuine mature woman and mother, but also because that woman now felt valued and empowered as a woman.

I hope you enjoy my story.


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