My hot reunion with a friend’s mom

My name is Javier and this story I will tell is a lesson for all men who have always dreamed of fucking a mature woman. Here you will understand why you should never resign yourself to fuck the mature woman of your dreams, since destiny always has a surprise in store.

I am an economist and work as a business consultant in finance and investments. I was able to develop economically and achieve a solid position, but I decided that my place of residence would continue to be my childhood neighborhood. I never intended to move away from my loved ones and was lucky enough to rent an apartment in the same area where I have lived since I was a child.

I have a good love life with my girlfriend, with whom we have shared trips and celebrations, although we do not yet live in the same home. Although we believe that it is not yet the right time to live together, in reality it is my insecurity that stops me from sharing a destiny with my girlfriend. Since I was very young I have had a total weakness for mature women and, when my dating relationship allows me to, I go to bars and nightclubs with the sole purpose of sleeping with mature women and having sex.

While I was in school, my thoughts wandered only to the prettiest and most attractive mothers of my friends. While some of them were not very attractive, most of my friends’ moms were mature women who were holding up very well despite the fact that they were almost all in their 40s.

For me, going to my friends’ house to study or share a beer was nothing more than an excuse. My real intentions were nothing more than to see their mothers going about their daily activities and to take in my mind a visual image of their asses. That «addiction» is still alive in me and I doubt very much that I will be able to get rid of it.

I could make a glossary of all the mature mothers I would have liked to fuck. The amount of masturbation I have dedicated to all of them would be enough to write a separate story, but this time I want to focus on one episode in particular.

One weekend day I noticed that I was missing several products in my kitchen: coffee, milk, rice and other basic necessities. My work often made me forget to take care of the shopping. On this occasion, my tiredness made it impossible for me to go to a supermarket and spend an hour there, so I decided to go to a smaller store near my house.

That store has changed franchises recurrently for as long as I can remember. The last transformation was a few months ago, but I never had the chance to visit it since then. On this occasion, I was compelled to go there to buy those staples that were missing from my kitchen.

After a few minutes of browsing the shelves and collecting the necessary products, I went to the checkout area. Without looking at the woman at the checkout, I placed the products one by one on the conveyor belt, while the cashier was passing them with her infrared reader.

When I finished, I returned my basket and, as I looked at the cashier, I couldn’t believe my eyes: it was Claudia, the mother of one of my best friends from school.

How could I recognize her so easily after so many years? Claudia was one of the mature women who turned me on the most when I was a student. She was a married woman in her 40’s who devoted herself solely to being a housewife and raising her children. In her spare time she was a woman who actively trained in the gym, in fact there were several rumors about her regarding sexual encounters with school principals or teachers.

Claudia was married to the same man she had been married to all her life, a banker of solid economic position, although somewhat indifferent to his wife’s needs. While the man was very neglected and neglected in his aesthetic appearance, Claudia was a mature woman who resisted the passage of time and aging.

It must be for these reasons that it didn’t take me long to recognize Claudia as the employee in charge of the store’s cash register:

-Claudia? Are you Claudia Torres (I asked knowing the answer I would receive)?
-Oh, yes, how do you know me? Have we met somewhere? (Claudia said, surprised).
-Yes, Claudia, of course we know each other, I am Javier Baez, your son Pedro’s friend at school (I confessed to Claudia).
-Javier! I didn’t recognize you, you look so big and different, how are you after all this time (asked Claudia)?

Big and different? What did Claudia want to tell me? The truth is that while we were talking about trifles and subjects without the slightest interest for me, my eyes were doing the fine work: analyzing Claudia’s body and silhouette. She was a woman who was now approaching 50 years of age, but whose physique did not look it at all. Although her face had certain wrinkles of age, her hair remained black, dark and neat as ever. Her breasts were medium-sized, although she wore a low-cut T-shirt that allowed the sagging of her breasts to be seen.

However, the best thing about Claudia was not only her athletic figure (she was a woman who attended the gym periodically), but her ass. What an ass this mature woman had! Her ass remained just as sturdy and round as it was in my teenage days, though without being too big. Moreover, she was a mature woman who enjoyed showing off her ass, since she used to wear tight jeans and tights to highlight her curves and her underwear.

While we talked, taking advantage of the fact that there was no one in the store, I was able to inquire about other questions that interested me about her. She told me that her relationship with her husband was not at its best and that she had started working in this store to relax and gain some autonomy.

I promised her that I would visit her in the store whenever I had to do my shopping and said goodbye to her. Knowing that Claudia was an employee in that store, my mind soon began to weave a plan to fuck her. It was obvious that she was not in the best sentimental situation and that, perhaps, she could seek some satisfaction with another man. However, I had never had sexual experiences with such mature women, but rather with older women who attended nightclubs and bars.

How to fulfill my desire and fuck Claudia? The desire would not be as difficult as it seemed…

Over the course of a month I went almost every day to the store just to take a visual postcard of Claudia: her ass was a true work of art and just imagining my cock inside it drove me crazy. I was determined to fuck her and had received some signals in favor of this mission, although sometimes plans can be far removed from reality.

I took the initiative and decided to go late on a Friday night, at which time the store was practically deserted and available to carry out my plan. I was determined to fuck Claudia by hook or by crook.

I arrived at the store with the excuse of being tired and needing a coffee, and I asked Claudia to help me use the coffee vending machine. As she came up next to me, I admit that my cock started to get hard and big, and my sweatpants did nothing to help me conceal it. Amazingly, Claudia glanced down at my crotch, impressed by that elongated thing that was erecting itself under my pants.

-I’m sorry Claudia, it’s disrespectful what I’m doing, it’s just that sometimes I can’t hide it (I admitted to Claudia going to the heart of the matter).
-Oh, don’t worry, you think I’ve never seen anything like that? I’m a grown and married woman, but I still reserve the right to be surprised and enjoy seeing these things (Claudia confessed to my surprise).
-It usually happens to me and sometimes I can’t control it, Claudia, much less in front of a woman as beautiful as you (I recognized it as a personal truth).

Without giving any response from her, I placed one of my hands on her ass, while the other one I put on my erect penis covered by my pants. Claudia did not resist or object, but placed both her hands on my shoulders and kissed me on the mouth.

I took my right hand off my cock and placed it on Claudia’s other ass cheek, pulling her closer to me as we kissed heatedly. Claudia kissed like a pro and stuck her tongue inside my mouth like it was on fire. With my two hands I squeezed her ass and noticed how sturdy her buttocks were despite her age.

-Claudia, I respect you as Pedro’s mother, but I want you as the attractive and beautiful woman you are. You deserve a man who will give you what you need and I am here to give you what your husband will never give you (I said to Claudia).
-Of course baby, I don’t care if you are Pedro’s friend or not. All I want is to feel like a wanted woman again.

We decided to lock the store to prevent any unwelcome customers from interrupting the meeting. At the back of the store, next to the working staff restroom, was a small room with supplies, boxes and a convenient chair to continue our business.

By this time my cock was about to pierce my pants as erect as it was. I pulled down my pants and a piece of red, veiny flesh peeked out to Claudia’s surprise. It seemed like it had been a long time since Claudia had seen a big erect cock like mine, since she touched it a little with her hands and, after rubbing it a little to my testicles, began to suck it at a great speed.

-Oh, that Claudia, suck my cock, eat my cock, it’s all yours, oh yes (I said to Claudia while I felt her lips and mouth devouring my penis).

I couldn’t believe how the mother of a friend of my school friend was so skilled at oral sex. She was really doing it very well and I almost came in her mouth, although I didn’t want to do it that fast. I pulled her away from my cock and proceeded to help her with the unbuttoning of her jean shorts. After pulling it down, a thong-covered ass lay in front of me. I had in front of my eyes Claudia’s ass with no pants or tights in between: firm, sturdy and with some signs of age like cellulite and some spots that made it more beautiful.

-I love your ass, Claudia, I’ve always been lost for your ass. Now it will be mine, get ready (I warned Claudia).
-My ass is all yours, Javier. You can do whatever you want with it, I don’t care what my idiot husband says (admitted Claudia).

After sucking and running my tongue over her anal hole and pussy, I laid Claudia down on the couch and started fucking her pussy. I didn’t care about getting her pregnant or anything like that, I just wanted to enjoy this moment as if it was the last chance in my life to fuck this beautiful mature woman.

I could feel my cock getting engulfed in Claudia’s vaginal secretions as I pumped in and out of her pussy. I didn’t stop for a single minute for quite a while:

-Oh, yes, make me yours, fuck me hard (Claudia said excitedly).
-Do you like it, enjoying how I fuck your pussy behind your cuckold husband’s back? I know I do (I told Claudia to turn her on even more).

After a few minutes and seconds before I finished in her pussy, I pulled my cock out and, without letting her move from her position, directed my penis towards her anal hole. All I was looking for that night was to bust Claudia’s asshole and fill her anus with cum.

-Oh, no Javier, what are you doing? Not that way, not even my husband has fucked my ass in 20 years of marriage (Claudia warned without much conviction).
-I can’t leave your ass without fucking, Claudia, my cock is about to explode and I have to penetrate your anus (I told Claudia).
-I don’t want my husband to find out I got my ass fucked, so I don’t want you to fuck me around (Claudia lamented).

Without further explanation, I directed my cock towards the entrance of Claudia’s anal hole. I understood that Claudia did want to have anal sex, but that false belief that her husband would find out or discover the «infidelity» kept her from stepping forward. If she wouldn’t do it, I was willing to do it.

My cock began to work its way inside Claudia’s anal hole, which felt very tight and tight. Effectively, I was taking Claudia’s anal virginity at 50 years old. As her asshole was very dry and tight, I decided to slowly push my cock in and out to moisten it with my saliva. Claudia’s anus exerted considerable resistance to my cock, but little by little, I was slowly pushing my cock in until it was all the way in.

-My husband will kill me! You’re breaking my ass with your huge cock, you son of a bitch (Claudia blurted out completely unhinged, but without objecting).
-Oh, aghr. I don’t give a fuck about your husband, Claudia, I just want to fuck your ass and have you enjoy my cock up your ass (I told her before I started fucking her).

I started moving my pelvis and thrusting my cock in and out. Claudia’s ass was really tight and tight, so tight that my cock seemed to be a prisoner of her anal hole. When I could, I would pull my cock all the way out to the head, which came out very white from how tight it was, and forcefully lunge back into Claudia’s bowels.

-You’re breaking my ass, motherfucker, you’re going to fuck the shit out of me with your dick (Claudia blurted out as she was subjected to my anal assaults).
-Oh, aghr, my god, what a beautiful tight ass you have, Claudia, I’m going to leave it wide open and I don’t care if I pull the shit out of your ass (I said to Claudia).

His ass was becoming more and more flexible and the pressure exerted at first was relenting, so I felt more comfortable to pull my cock all the way out and put it back inside his anal hole. I was leaving her asshole open and swollen, just as I had dreamed it since I was a little boy, and I didn’t plan to stop until my cock decided to release all of its cum.

-Squeeze your ass, Claudia, squeeze your ass as if you were taking a shit, come on (I asked Claudia, already completely uncoupled).
-Oh, aghr, I beg your pardon, Javier, do you want me to shit your cock? You are completely crazy (questioned Claudia)
-Come on, bitch, I want to feel how you pull my cock out of your ass like a piece of poop (I indicated to Claudia).
-Son of a bitch, I’m going to shit your dick and I don’t care if it gets full of shit, got it? (Claudia ended up giving in).

As I pumped my cock in and out of her ass, Claudia was clenching her anus and farting over and over again. While many of those farts were the product of my cock moving as I penetrated her, many were genuine fuck farts and I could smell the odor of them in my nose. In one of the many lunges, Claudia squeezed her ass and my cock came out with its entire head bathed in liquid poop.

-You’re a pig Claudia, you’re a pig whore, look how you’ve left my dick covered in shit (I showed Claudia).
-Aghr, oh, do you like it my love? Do you like me shitting on your cock while you’re busting my ass? What are you waiting for? Keep fucking me you fucking bastard (demanded Claudia, already completely out of her mind).

Far from wiping the shit off my cock, I reinserted it back into Claudia’s shitty, dirty ass, and began to lunge like a Formula 1 car. I was practically ass raping the mother of one of my best friends and I was determined to fill her ass with my warm, creamy cum.

-I’m going to come Claudia, I’m going to fill your ass with cum and, from now on, you will always be mine (I warned Claudia).
-Come on, son of a bitch, fill my ass with milk and leave it wide open (Claudia asked to finish what we were doing).

I added a little more intensity to my anal fucking and felt the semen circulating from my testicles to the head of my penis. In a moment, a sensation of cum explosion invaded my cock. I counted approximately 20 shots of cum with my cock inside Claudia’s ass. I had really filled her asshole with cum like I had never done before, and I must have even covered her bowel with my cum.

-Oh, aghr, I left my cum in your ass Claudia, you are a broken ass whore from today (I told Claudia to martyr her even more).

As if Claudia had read my mind, just before removing my cock from her ass, she again pressed her anus as if she was taking a shit. It was exactly what I wanted to culminate our encounter, although the lubrication exerted by my semen and perspiration made Claudia’s asshole release the cock even faster than before.

After a «plop» sound and a quite perceptible farting noise, my cock came out completely bathed in poop and traces of my own semen, while Claudia’s asshole looked completely open, deflowered and swollen. Droplets of cum mixed with shit were coming out of her anal hole, as she fingered the area and brought them to her face to see and smell.

-You broke my ass, you son of a bitch, just like you promised me. It was delicious (admitted Claudia)
-Did you see, Claudia? You are a beautiful mature woman and you deserve many more fucks like this (I told Claudia).
-Whenever you want, my love. From now on I want to fuck you as many times as you can and, of course, my ass is all yours from today. When will we do it again (asked Claudia).
-Tomorrow you will have me here again.

Meanwhile, she was wiping her shitty, broken ass with a kitchen towel, while I was wiping my poop and cum covered cock with a towel. Finally, I had made my dream come true: Claudia, the mother of one of my school friends, was surrendered at my feet (and my cock).

I hope you enjoy my story.


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