Unforgettable anal with the computer teacher

My name is Oscar and I am 30 years old. I am a computer engineer and I dedicate my life to work in a school for middle and high income young people. I admit that my satisfaction with the work I do is very low. With my age, I aspired to be in a better economic position and with more comforts.

My job at the school starts early in the morning and covers every day of the week. My position is that of Computer Assistant and my boss is Melody, an experienced engineer and teacher who has been with the school for many years. No one and nothing has ever given me any suspicion about Melody’s values and moral integrity.

The little I know about her so far is that she is the mother of 2 children and has been married for a long time. However, that means nothing next to her physical attributes, which have lost me since the first day I met her. In fact, that is the only thing that still ties me to staying in school.

Melody is a mature 5’7″ with blonde hair, which is cut as straight bangs across the forehead of her face and extends down to her shoulders. Her boobs are large and voluminous, and she is usually easily seen wearing nursing bras. Apparently, her boobs continue to leak milk, so she must employ such bras to contain the drainage.

However, the best thing Melody has going for her is her ass. To my surprise, no male co-worker has ever been attracted to her ass, quite the opposite in fact. However, her shape and size is a mental image that I can’t get out of my imagination.

Melody usually wears formal pants, so every time I meet her I enjoy a luxurious view of her ass. Underneath her pants she usually wears panties that cover 50% of her buttocks, which perfectly reveals every last ounce of cellulite and every seam of her underwear.

I must admit that on many occasions I have secretly taken pictures of Melody’s ass. And, on other occasions, I’ve had to lock myself in the teacher’s bathroom to satisfy myself with masturbation. Melody’s ass automatically generates my cock to stand up like a mast and I can’t remedy it except by masturbating. This is what Melody has generated in me and why I still continue to work in that stinking school.

My job consists of assisting Melody in every single computer class and team meeting. Of course, my brain divides its attention into 10% for strictly work and 90% for thinking about how to fuck Melody. I consider myself to be in a good financial position and my physique, coupled with the size of my cock, might make her consider fucking me. The unknown was then how and where we would do it.

I could list a million situations in which I wanted to «take» something of Melody’s with me, although always with subtlety and without exposing myself to public repudiation.

On several occasions, while Melody was bent over helping some students with homework on their computers, I would intentionally reach behind me with my hand outstretched to brush against her ass. Most of the time she didn’t notice the touch at all, even though I was like a hungry wolf tied to a tree. In those forays where I touched her ass I could see that her ass was not only big and voluminous, but also firm, even though the years were showing in the cellulite and the panties she wore.

Seeing that those rubs did not generate anything in her, I decided to go a step further in my incursions. For example, once I took advantage of the fact that there were two teenagers next to her asking her about homework and, instead of rubbing her bottom with my hand, I pinched her buttock hard. Thereupon, Melody reacted startled and suddenly looked at her two students.

-If you don’t tell me who pinched my butt, you will both be severely punished,» exclaimed Melody.
-We don’t know what you are talking about, teacher,» said one of the students; «I didn’t do anything, teacher, it must have been him (the other student accused while pointing at his classmate).
-Perfect, then we will make this much easier: both of you will go to the management and you will be sanctioned for being degenerates and daring,» said Melody.

In Melody’s tough character I could see an upright woman forged with the most classic Catholic values. While the two students were unjustly sanctioned, I couldn’t get that beautiful, hard pinch I had given Melody’s ass out of my mind.

On many occasions I took advantage of Melody being bent over with her ass stretched out and fully surrendered to rest my pelvis behind her. It was really a pleasure to feel that huge, ripe ass resting on my erect cock, and I even came to doubt if Melody didn’t notice if she felt something hard in her ass. Afterwards, she would always get excited and apologize, when in fact it was me who was looking for the contact.

However, my last port of call before what I will relate to you went far beyond all of the above. We were in the computer lab with the fourth graders when, as I finished my round of the computers the students were at, I again visualized a crowd of students around Melody, who was sitting in her teaching chair. I slowed down my walk and noticed that her pants were a little lower than normal. I noticed that Melody was wearing purple panties, which were peeking out faintly from the inside of her pants along with the beginning of her ass crack.

I had never had such an in depth view of her panties and ass. «I won’t waste this,» I said to myself. I slowly approached towards the turmoil and stealthily slipped one of my fingers into the gap that lay between the elastic of her panties and the crack of her ass. It was 1 second where I could feel the warmth of her skin, the firmness of her asshole and the heat gushing from deep inside her asshole, when Melody jumped up precipitously:

-Who did that? What is wrong with the students in this school? Don’t they know anything about values and respect for women? You 4 (pointing to the students who were surrounding her) will go to the principal’s office and you will get 10 reprimands each.

The stupefaction of the students and their classmates was absolute. Mine too, of course, as I was able to completely disengage from the situation and walk away unscathed as I brought the finger I had inserted into Melody’s ass to my nose. I had the smell of Melody’s ass on my own finger and I wouldn’t wash it off for many days.

The work days went by with boredom, routine and the only thing that kept me awake at night: having sex with Melody.

Once, the wifi network that connected the computers in the computer lab stopped working. Since Melody couldn’t find the solution and there was a very important class coming up for the fifth graders, she asked me to come and help her.

When we arrived at the room, which was in a quiet area of the school, Melody was at the main computer and in her seat. She seemed nervous and worried about not finding the solution to the problem.

-Come Oscar, please. I have already deactivated the routers, the modem and even contacted the company that provides Internet service to the school, but to no avail. Maybe you will be luckier than me. We have 1 hour to find a solution.

-Of course Melody, I’ll take care of it.

I took a seat at one of the remaining computer terminals and sat down next to him. My skin began to bristle and sweat began to pour from my pores. Melody’s perfume and the breath from her mouth began to progressively cloud my mind. As I diagnosed the problem, I asked myself: why not try right now? Will I have a better chance than this? What if Melody doesn’t feel the same desire as I do and rejects me?

To console myself, I remembered that my salary sucked and that I was more eager to quit than to stay in school. Once I came to that conclusion, I decided to move on to Melody.

With the hand that wasn’t on the computer mouse I rested my hand on Melody’s right thigh. It felt meaty, thick and firm, just like her ass was. I continued my search and, to my good fortune, the Internet service had been successfully restored. However, I did not remove my hand from her thigh and directed my gaze to Melody’s eyes.

-We’ve fixed it, Melody. The Internet service is up and running again.
-Thank you Oscar, thank goodness you showed up on time,» said Melody as she glanced sideways at my hand on her thigh.
-Don’t look at me with suspicion or fear Melody. I think you are a beautiful woman and I can’t stop looking at you during all the hours we meet at work.

Melody was silent and attentive to what I was telling her.

-Do you remember some episodes where students touched your ass in class? After you let me fuck you this very minute, I’ll go remove the sanctions from those boys myself. That was me, Melody. Your ass is a bitch to me and I can’t wait to fuck you any longer.

Without giving her a chance to respond, I pulled my chair away from Melody’s seat and offered her my hand to come to me. Amazingly, Melody seemed mesmerized and agreed to sit on my thighs. Apparently, my final tactic had been effective and Melody would be all mine.

I began to kiss her intensely while with my left hand I massaged her ass that was lying on top of me. I couldn’t believe I had that ass in my possession and at my complete disposal. With my other hand I began to caress Melody’s face and then moved down to her big, lactating tits.

-Did you think I hadn’t noticed? I always knew it was you, Oscar, who had touched my ass in class. But I wasn’t ready to denounce you. I just wanted to know how far you would go.

-Until the end, Melody. And that end is in our computer room, in our school and without a condom.

-Well, but then you won’t be able to fuck me in the vagina. Your only option is my virgin anal hole, which my husband never wanted to fuck because he’s a coward. Will you fuck me in the ass, Oscar?

-No doubt about it, Melody, your ass will be mine from today and forever.

We got up from the chair and I asked her to kneel on the seat. I pulled down the tight pants she was wearing and then removed the thong from her beautiful ass. Truly, I was looking at the most delicious and wonderful ass I had ever seen in my life.

-I’m going to dilate your fuck hole, Melody. Let’s get your ass ready to accommodate my big cock. I hope you enjoy it.

-Go ahead, Oscar, stick your tongue in my ass.

I spread her buttocks apart and immediately located her anal hole. It was somewhat wrinkled and with some signs of age, although it was completely closed and with no signs of having lost its virginity.

I brought my nose close to Melody’s shit hole and felt a soft smell of poop, although not unpleasant, but rather exciting. I first stuck a finger in to feel how tight it was and withdrew it to bring it to my nose and suck it with my mouth. I had just tasted Melody’s ass in my mouth. Then, I started to stick my tongue in and suck on her ass quickly.

-Oh, oh, that Oscar, eat my little ass. It’s all yours. Stick your tongue all the way in and taste my shit.

After sticking my tongue in and out of her ass, I began to insert 1, 2 and 3 fingers to start the dilation and preparation work. In parallel, my cock was so hard and erect that it looked like it would explode like a bomb at any moment.

-Three of my fingers are inside your ass, do you feel them Melody? Well, the time has come, but let’s do it in my favorite position that will be more comfortable for you.

-As you say, love.

I helped Melody to her feet and sat back on the seat. I offered her both my hands to sit on me and, once she was, with one hand I held my cock and with the other I touched her ass to locate the anal hole. I found the hole, although I was having trouble getting my cock to enter it.

-Let me Oscar

Melody put some of her saliva on her hand, rubbed it over the head of my cock and then directed it towards her anal hole. With some effort and pain, I could feel my cock slowly getting tighter, hotter and wetter.

-Oh, for fuck’s sake. You have a bigger dick than my husband, Oscar.
-That’s why your husband doesn’t want to fuck your ass, Melody. Only my cock is qualified to fuck your ass.

After that comment, she gave me a kiss on the mouth and finished by inserting my cock in her ass, while descending her pelvis and ass towards my testicles to finish devouring my cock completely.

-Argh, your ass is tight, Melody.

-Not only that, my love, your cock is big and delicious.

As Melody’s shit hole accepted my cock and the pain was subsiding, she began to ride very slowly and at a very subdued pace. I must have checked to see if the chair we were in was the most suitable for fucking Melody, as the noises from the wooden board and metal pipes began to become more and more accentuated («crac», «crac»).

My cock was fully inserted into Melody’s ass. The speed of the squats was getting faster and faster and I could feel my cock, from the head to the base of my scrotum, being pressed hard into Melody’s ass.

-Oh, oh, oh, oh, damn, that’s rich. Do you like Oscar? Do you enjoy fucking the ass of your favorite mature girl from school?

-Oh, oops, come on Melody, give me that ass and eat my cock all the way up your asshole

Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, could be heard from the chair on which Melody and I were fucking. I still did not take dimension of what was happening. That Catholic, Catholic, serious, blameless computer teacher I was losing my mind over was on top of me, with her tits in front of my face and her ass on my cock.

By then neither of us cared about the fact that we weren’t using a condom. The mere fact that we were enjoying her asshole meant that, at least, there would be no risk of pregnancy and her husband would
not notice the infidelity.

After about 10 minutes of anal riding, my cock began to send signals that I was about to finish.

-I’m coming, Melody, I’m coming. I’m going to fill your ass and your bowels with cum and you’ll always have my DNA inside you.

-Oh, oh, oh, oh, come on Oscar, blow my asshole with your hot milk, what are you waiting for?

After that saying, Melody drastically increased the intensity of her ride, not only speeding up the movements, but coming down harder and harder on my cock. After 2 minutes, my cock could no longer resist and started pumping cum inside her ass like a bottle of cow’s milk.

-Ohhhh, my god, take all my milk in your ass Melody, oh

-Oh, oh, I feel your milk in my hot little ass, Oscar.

After a few minutes, we both held the position with her on top of me hugging me and her tits in my face. Of course, my two hands were placed on each of her buttocks giving her little spanks and taps. I had not yet removed my cock from inside her anal hole, although I still felt it was erect.

-Well, my love, it was delicious and I liked it a lot. But it’s 20 minutes before the fifth year computer class starts and we can’t stay here any longer, Melody lamented.

-I know Melody, I just don’t want this to ever end. I’m just going to ask you as a last favor to stand up gradually and let me enjoy in slow motion how my cock comes out of your little ass.
-Hahaha, of course I do love, or do you want me to push my ass hard so it comes out like it’s a fucking log?
-Oh, I didn’t have you so scatological Melody, but if that’s what you suggest, go ahead. Eject my cock out of your shithole like it’s a piece of poop.

If what I had experienced up to that point was a true paradise, what happened next was all I needed to die in peace. Without getting up from the chair, Melody squatted over me (without any part of her body on the floor) and began to force her ass. Immediately, I began to feel my cock being squeezed and almost strangled by Melody’s anal hole like never before. In truth, she had not lied: she was trying to shit and expel my cock from inside her asshole.

-Your cock is deep inside and still hard, Oscar. Forgive me for having to use so much force.
-Oh! Aghr! Don’t worry Melody, it feels so good. Do as much force as it takes. Just remember that my cock is like another poop log, so expel it as if you were going to the bathroom.
-Of course, love

Melody began to turn up the intensity of the pressure on her ass as she took a few pauses and breaths to build up momentum. In truth, my cock was getting harder and harder (even harder than before) as I felt the pressure from Melody’s anal tract.

After about 2 minutes of force and work, I began to feel my cock gradually coming out of Melody’s ass. Only the hardest part was missing: the head. And since it was erect, there was a real risk of something bad happening when I pushed the head out of my cock.

-Melody, only the head is missing and you’re almost done shitting my dick.

-Yes, love, I know. I also apologize for the stinky smell you’re feeling, but it was a risk to do this.

-Don’t worry, your shit on my cock is like candy. It feels hot and exciting

-Oh Oscar, I don’t know if you’re scatological or exciting. Well, let’s go for the last try.

Melody took the last initiative and put more pressure than before to pull my cock out. I can’t describe in words those moments when my head was coming out through the tight ring of Melody’s anus. Finally, a loud «plop» accompanied by a prolonged «prrrr» was felt after the expulsion of my cock from Melody’s asshole.

-Ready my love, I just shit your dick.
-That was delicious Melody.

As Melody got up from on top of me, I could see my erect cock with considerable poop coating from the head to the middle of the base.

-Look Melody, you crapped my dick and then some….
-Yes, my love, and it won’t be the first time. I will wait for you at this time and on this day every week here so that you will continue to make my asshole like today.

As we hurried to get dressed and erase any evidence of what had just happened, I tried to reconsider my initial thoughts. I no longer had any intention of quitting and my low salary was no problem compared to what I had just secured with Melody, the school’s mature computer teacher.

I hope you enjoyed my story.


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